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Do I need an account to use the app and see live data?

No. If you don't have a Google account, or don't wish to sign in, just click "Not Now". You'll be able to see live data for all public games. If you wish access to private games, you'll need to sign in and request access to those private games.

What are the circular lines surround the goal crease?

They are distance markers to give a quick overview of the distance of the shot. The goal crease has a radius of 3m. Each white circle after that is 5m further out.

Can I zoom in?

Yes! each of the screens with a pitch in the background support pinch to zoom and panning, much like many map programmes.

Can I filter data?

Yes! Click the 3 lined triagular button in the upper right of the analysis screens.

Why do the stats change based on the filter selection?

All stats and screens are reactive to your current filter. Selected shots are shown with a thin black outline. Unselected shots are either hidden (for player selections) or faded.

What do the acronyms in the stats mean?

SH: Shots

SH%: Shooting Percentage (Goals / Shots) * 100

BLKD: On attack: Attacking shots that were blocked. On defence: Opposition shots that the defence blocked.

SOG: Shots on Goal

SOG%: Shots on Goal Percentage (Goals / SOG) * 100

PIPE: On attack: Number of shots that hit the pipe. On defence: Opposition shots that hit the defensive pipes.

DIST: The average distance (in meters) of all shots selected

ANGL: The average angle (in degrees) off centre of all selected shots. A shot 15 degrees to the left of centre and a second shot 15 degrees to the right of centre would average to 0 degrees (ie straight on the cage).

MISS: Shots that missed the goal entirely

SA: Shots Against. Ie Shots faced by that team or keeper (regardless of whether they were on goal).

SAV: Saves

SOGA: Shots on Goal Against

SAV%: Save percentage (SAV / SOGA) * 100

REB: Number of saves that resulted in a playable groundball (regardless of who later one the groundball).

GA: Goals against

A: Assists

PS: Passes that were shot

PSOG: Passes that were shot on goal

PSOG%: Percentage of passes that were shot on goal (PSOG / PS) * 100. All other things being equal, a higher perecentage would indicate a better, more accurate passer.